Experience Matters

We believe that experience is one of the best ways to learn. We know that when you are involved in the process, you are more invested in the outcome. That is why we incorporate a wide range of activities into our curriculum that help our students become fully engaged in planning for their future.

We are...

Beyond Traditional

Forget everything you ever thought about public education.At Carleton Project, we are empowering students with the freedom to explore their passions through self-directed projects and personalized learning paths.

Our Curriculum

Explore our dynamic curriculum designed to empower student success.

Our Approach

Learn about our project-based learning approach designed to ignite a passion for learning.


Discover our inclusive and empowering student-led initiative for growth and connection.

Real-World Experience

Gain insights into our hands-on program shaping future leaders.

We are...

Dressed For Success

Carleton has a long list of successes and we want to share their stories with you. Each story highlights the unique journey and achievements of our previous students, showcasing their growth and resilience.

Engagement Is Everything

We are all unique and there is no way to engage everyone in the same way and at the same time. That is why public schools can’t always meet the needs of all students. Activities at Carleton Project are geared toward the individual learner and are anchored in the uniqueness of each student.

Flexibile and relaxed learning