Work From Home With A Flexible Schedule

You don’t have to be crazy to work here but it helps. To be a successful teacher, you have to love it more than you hate it, and you need to be passionate about learning new things yourself. And your humanness needs to show. You must value relationships above all, and the rest will take care of itself.

Teachers need to be creative learners too. They need to be valued in their communities. They need to be able to hone their skills and feel supported in their growth. They should always be regarded as so much more than just good or bad employees. A bad teacher can do a lot of damage. A good teacher will have students who are all thriving.

Teachers of the future will be experts in their fields who continue to challenge their own knowledge and who will comfortably lead by example in either live and/or digital formats. Where they are housed will become less relevant. We have embraced a global economy without a global education. There’s a lot of catching up to do as the world continues to change before our eyes. Good teachers will play a changing role in helping their students navigate the “too much information” age.

Do you still want to teach from home? 

Do you want to have some control over your teaching schedules?

Do you want to form meaningful relationships with your students?

Do you  have new ideas for online learning that go beyond traditional approaches?

Are you ready to be graded by your students?

Carleton Project seeks interest from certified high school teachers who wish to  join our Teaching Team and:

-facilitate the learning process for our students individually or in small groups

-provide ongoing support to students through our team approach

-enjoy support from experienced professionals who think outside the box

-help develop individual education plans for high school completion

-review yearly program strategies 

-contribute to student successes by modeling cooperation and understanding 

-envision a healthy community approach to learning 

This is a work-from-home position that:

-supports innovative approaches and community vision

-asks you to be open to new ideas 

-will improve your understanding of emerging education models

-will honor your expertise, experience, ideas and contributions to our community

-will encourage and support your own learning 

-provides a monthly stipend

-provides scheduling flexibility 

This part-time position will not require any direct participation beyond specific student support. 


Applicants must be certified or working towards certification in Maine and have a strong desire to confront difficult issue during difficult times in a supportive, safe and effective environment. Applicants will be compensated $100/month/student for a mimimun of 4 hours each month. An email address will be provided. You’ll probably get a nice T-shirt. And a 1099.

A private, not for profit alternative high school serving students who haven’t been successful in a traditional school setting. Our mission is focused on student success.